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Lose weight with VR gaming




I have always been looking for an effective way to lose weight without indulging in monotonous and repetitive exercises. As an avid gamer, it occurred to me to incorporate VR gaming into my fitness plan. It amazed me how much fun it is to be active in virtual realities and burn calories at the same time.

VR Fitness
VR Fitness

But how many calories do you burn now? In the table below you can see how efficient VR fitness training can be.

ActivityEstimated Calorie Burn (for an average person)
20 minutes Boxing (Reference)200 calories
20 minutes Playing Tennis (Reference)150 calories
20 minutes VR Game “Beat Saber” (Intense)180 calories
20 minutes VR Game “Pistol Whip”160 calories
20 minutes VR Game “The Thrill of the Fight” (Boxing simulation)200 calories
20 minutes VR Game “Dance Central VR”170 calories
20 minutes VR Game “SUPERHOT VR”140 calories
20 minutes VR Game “Aerobix”175 calories
20 minutes Gaming on a computer40 calories
20 minutes Gaming from the couch30 calories
20 minutes Driving a car40 calories
20 minutes Cycling (Moderate speed)120-200 calories

Attention, calorie consumption varies depending on the intensity and other influencing factors. However, it becomes clear that you can easily combine the pleasure of playing and an effective workout.

Let’s think about it: Instead of spending an average of 45€ in gym membership fees every month – an amount that corresponds to the European average according to Statista – and maybe not even going regularly, you could invest once in the Meta Quest 2 for 349€ ( or financing at 0% with 29.08€ per month ). A short step away from the sofa, the headset on, and the personal fitness adventure can start – without any further monthly costs!

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VR gaming is an innovative way to lose weight and have fun at the same time. There are now many VR games designed specifically for fitness and weight loss. Games like Beat Saber, BoxVR, and Creed: Rise to Glory offer an intense workout that gets the body moving and boosts metabolism. In fact, through regularly playing VR games, I’ve lost a few pounds over the past few months without feeling like I’m torturing myself.


VR gaming is also perfect for people who don’t have time or the opportunity to go to the gym. It’s an affordable and convenient way to lose weight and have fun at the same time. Of course, it’s important to maintain a healthy diet and active lifestyle to achieve long-term results. But VR gaming can definitely help speed up the process of losing weight and keep your body fit and healthy.

Gym and VR Gaming

As someone who pays attention to my fitness, I’m constantly on the lookout for new, effective ways to optimize my workouts and achieve my fitness goals. In recent years, virtual reality (VR) gaming has emerged as a promising option to get a challenging and fun workout.

Compared to the gym, VR gaming offers many advantages. For one, it’s much cheaper since you don’t have to pay for an expensive membership. On the other hand, it is much more flexible, since you can work out anytime and anywhere without having to pay attention to opening hours or other restrictions.

Another advantage of VR workouts is the variety of games and workout programs available. There are VR games designed specifically for fitness and weight loss, such as BoxVR or Beat Saber. These games offer an intense and varied workout that is fun and burns calories at the same time.

Another plus point of VR workouts is their interactivity and immersiveness. They allow you to immerse yourself in a virtual world and concentrate fully on your workout without being affected by outside distractions. This can lead to more intense challenges and longer workouts than in a traditional gym.

Of course, there are also some disadvantages of VR workouts compared to the gym. For example, it can be difficult to find the right equipment and space to play VR games. Also, it can be difficult to learn proper technique and form if you don’t have guidance or feedback from a trainer.

All in all, I believe VR gaming is an excellent choice for fitness enthusiasts looking for a flexible, fun, and effective way to increase their workouts. Although there are certain drawbacks, I think the benefits clearly outweigh them.

The role of VR glasses

When I decided to take off with VR gaming, I knew that VR glasses would play an important role. VR glasses are head-mounted displays that give users a glimpse of virtual reality (VR). It is a type of headset equipped with two high-resolution displays to show artificially generated images and a sensor system coupled with them to detect the position and orientation of the head.

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The VR glasses are an essential element for using VR games, as they allow the player to be fully immersed in the virtual world. The VR glasses are able to create an immersive experience by fully immersing the player in the virtual world.

There are several types of VR glasses on the market, including the Oculus Quest, PlayStation VR, and HTC Vive. Each VR goggle has its own strengths and weaknesses, and the choice depends on individual needs and preferences.

The Oculus Quest, for example, is a wireless VR goggle that allows the player to play without restrictions. It is easy to set up and offers good graphics quality. The PlayStation VR is a pair of VR glasses specifically designed for use with the PlayStation 4. It offers good graphics quality and is relatively inexpensive. The HTC Vive is a pair of VR goggles designed specifically for use with the PC. It offers excellent graphics quality and a wide range of games.

The VR goggles are, by and large, a crucial element for participating in VR games. It allows the player to be completely immersed in the virtual world and have an immersive experience. There are diverse variants of VR glasses on the market, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. The decision for the right glasses depends on personal needs and preferences.

Popular VR games for weight loss

In my role as a VR gamer and someone who pays attention to fitness, I’ve tried out some of the best VR games for weight loss. These games offer a fun way to burn calories and lose weight while having fun. Below is a list of VR games that I would like to recommend:

Beat Saber

Beat Saber is a rhythm action game in which you’ll beat with lightsabers through a virtual environment. It is not only an entertaining game, but also a great workout. The fast movements help burn calories and increase the heartbeat. There are also different difficulty levels that let the player adapt the game to his fitness level.

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Sprint Vector

Sprint Vector is a racing game in which you run and jump through a virtual environment. It requires fast movements and stamina to master the game. Sprint Vector is a great game to burn calories and have fun at the same time.

Buy Sprint Vector and start training

Sprint Vector
Sprint Vector

Synth Riders

Synth Riders is a music game in which you’ll fly through a virtual environment and avoid obstacles. It is an entertaining game that also offers a great workout. The movements help strengthen the muscles and burn calories. There are also different difficulty levels that let the player adapt the game to his fitness level.

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synth riders
synth riders


PowerBeatsVR is a fitness game designed specifically for VR. It is an intense workout that requires fast movements and endurance. The game also offers different workouts and challenges that allow the player to customize the game to their fitness level.

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All in all, VR games are a fun way to lose weight and stay in shape. There exists a plethora of VR games that not only provide an effective workout, but are also enjoyable. If you’re looking for an enjoyable way to burn calories, be sure to consider some of these VR games.

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Don’t see the right game for you? Then check out my post here and discover the most popular and best VR games on Steam.

Training and exercise through VR gaming

I’ve been looking into losing weight through VR gaming and have found it to be a great way to exercise and work out. The movements you make in VR games exercise your body and can also cause sore muscles.

By playing VR Games, you can exercise different muscle groups. For example, you can exercise your arms and shoulders when boxing in VR, while you can exercise your legs and hips when dancing in VR. It is also possible that by playing VR Games you can train your endurance.

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However, I recommend that you not only use VR Gaming as a training method, but also integrate other forms of exercise into your daily life. It’s important to exercise regularly and not just sit in front of the computer.

It can also happen that you get sore muscles from playing VR games. This is normal and shows that you have exercised your muscles. It’s important to give yourself time to recover and not overexert yourself.

In summary, I can say that VR Gaming is a great way to exercise and train. It can work out different muscle groups and also improve endurance. However, it’s important to incorporate other forms of exercise into your daily routine and give yourself time to recover.

Calorie consumption and VR Gaming

As someone who loves playing VR games, I was wondering if I could lose weight by playing VR games. One of the most important factors to lose weight is calorie consumption. Therefore, I researched how many calories you can burn playing VR games.

According to some studies, you can actually burn calories while playing VR games. However, the number of calories burned depends on several factors, such as the game you play, the intensity of the game, and your physical condition. Some VR games require more physical exertion than others. For example, you burn more calories playing boxing games than puzzle games.


A free app called YUR.FIT can help measure calories burned while playing VR games. The app is compatible with many VR games and shows how many calories you burn while playing. According to the app, you can burn up to 14 calories per minute while playing some games.

Some of the VR games where you can burn the most calories are:

  • Boxing games
  • Dance games like Beat Saber
  • Sports games like tennis or basketball

Of course, you should not rely only on VR games as a means of weight loss. It is important to have a balanced diet and regular physical activity. However, VR games can be a fun addition to a healthy lifestyle.

Overall, it can be said that VR games can be a way to burn calories and lose weight. However, the number of calories burned depends on various factors and should not be considered as the sole method for weight loss.

Nutrition and fitness: the inseparable link

Nutrition and fitness are closely linked, as they both play a critical role in a healthy lifestyle. A balanced diet provides the necessary nutrients and energy to perform physical activities effectively and achieve fitness goals. At the same time, regular physical activity can improve metabolism and help the body efficiently process the food it consumes. Overall, a healthy diet and regular exercise promote health, help with weight control, increase physical performance and contribute to an active and fulfilling lifestyle.

Health Benefits of VR Gaming

As someone who has lost weight with VR Gaming myself, I can attest firsthand that VR Gaming offers numerous health benefits. Here are some of the key benefits I’ve noticed in my own experience:

Improved physical fitness

VR gaming requires movement, which means it’s a great way to stay physically fit. While gaming, different muscle groups are used, which leads to increased calorie consumption. In fact, VR gaming can be just as effective as traditional workouts when it comes to burning calories and improving physical fitness.


Improved cognitive skills

VR gaming can also help improve cognitive skills. While gaming, you need to react quickly to different stimuli, which can help improve cognitive skills. In addition, VR gaming can also help improve hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness.

Stress relief

VR gaming can also help relieve stress, as it provides an excellent way to immerse yourself in a different reality and temporarily detach yourself from the everyday stresses of life. Additionally, VR gaming can boost your mood, which can be an effective way to manage stress.

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Social interaction

Although VR gaming is often thought of as a solitary activity, it can also help foster social interactions. Many VR games allow you to interact with other players around the world, which can help reduce feelings of loneliness.

In summary, VR gaming offers numerous health benefits that make it an attractive option for improving physical fitness and reducing stress. If you haven’t experienced the world of VR gaming yet, you should definitely take the opportunity to try it out!

Precautions and addiction

As a VR gamer, you should be aware that there are some precautions you should take to protect your health. It’s important to pay attention to your body and watch for signs of kinetosis or motion sickness. These symptoms can occur when you play VR games that involve rapid movement or quick changes in direction. If you notice these symptoms, you should take a break and rest until you feel better.


In addition, you should be careful not to become addicted to VR gaming. Although VR gaming is a fun way to lose weight, excessive gaming can lead to addiction. It’s important to keep track of your gaming time and make sure you have enough time for other activities.

As a nerd who loves playing VR games, it can be tempting to spend hours playing. But it’s important to remember that VR games should only be a part of your life. You should also have time for social interaction, exercise, and other activities.


To avoid addiction, you should also make sure that you only play games that are appropriate for your age. Some VR games may contain violence or other inappropriate content that is not suitable for children.

To sum it up: VR gaming offers a fun and effective way to lose weight. However, it’s crucial to keep an eye on your health and make sure you don’t become addicted. By taking precautions and playing responsibly, the benefits of VR gaming can be enjoyed without putting one’s health at risk.

Future of VR Gaming in Gyms

I believe that VR Gaming has a promising future in gyms. The use of VR technology can enhance the workout experience and increase customer motivation. Gyms can use VR headsets like Facebook’s Quest 2 to offer immersive VR fitness experiences.

One way gyms can leverage VR gaming is by integrating VR games into workouts. VR fitness games such as BoxVR and Beat Saber provide an intense workout that is fun and challenges the body. These games can serve as a supplement to traditional strength and endurance training and help refresh workout routines.

Another way to use VR gaming in gyms is to use VR simulations to enhance the workout experience. Gyms can offer VR simulations of race cars or other sports to give customers a realistic workout experience. These VR simulations can also help increase customer motivation by making them feel like they are actually participating in a race or other sporting event.

The use of VR technology in gyms also offers benefits to customers. VR headsets can help minimize distractions and enhance the workout experience. Customers can focus completely on their workout without being distracted by other customers or noise.

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Overall, I think VR gaming has a promising future in gyms. Using VR technology can improve the workout experience and increase customer motivation. Gyms should consider using VR headsets like Facebook’s Quest 2 to offer immersive VR fitness experiences.

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